What if you only had to keep essential kitchen robots?

What if you only had to keep essential kitchen robots?

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Food lovers are often also food processor enthusiasts. And today, kitchens are overflowing with robots of all kinds whose functions are sometimes similar. Exit the donut machines and other cotton candy (which we adore however), we go to the essential! If we were to keep only a few really useful robots, what would sit on the work plans?

The blender: the new accessory to do everything

Before, to make a soup, you used a casserole dish, your hob and a hand blender. Today, you can make a preparation using only a blender and only one thanks to the new heated models. But without offering you this latest revolution, the blender is a true ally of kitchens for preparing soups, smoothies, purees, cocktails ... and generally mixing or chopping food.

The drummer: the essential for the pastry chef

Beat the egg whites, make sauces, make cake doughs, the beater is above all the ideal ally. To save space, we avoid the pedestal models which are certainly more sophisticated and we prefer an electric hand mixer that can accompany you on the work plan. The good news is that it now comes in pretty colors and even with patterns like stripes.

The multifunction robot: the ally of all preparations

One robot is not enough for you? Then bet on the multi-function robot which will play the role of at least three robots. We opt for example for an advanced mixer robot which will allow mixing, chopping and mixing without multiplying the devices.