Video: Wedding jewelry: making a necklace

Video: Wedding jewelry: making a necklace

The big day is coming, and you haven't found an accessory to your liking yet? What if you made your own wedding jewelry? Hélène Grassin, creator of the jewelry and accessories "Paulette et Bicyclette", gives you her best advice for making a necklace.

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Make a wedding necklace

If you want to make your wedding necklace, you need a satin ribbon, white or colored, as well as ornaments in news: 739845 fabric. To choose the width of your satin ribbon, take into account your morphology: tall women will prefer a wide ribbon, while women with small necks will rather turn to thin ribbons. Fold your ribbon in half, then sew your ornament using a needle and thread. For more refinement, slightly shift your ornament on the left or the right of the ribbon.

Choose your ornament

There are many ornaments in news: 739845 fabric. Choose it according to your theme and your desires. You can also, if you find several sufficiently elegant petals, superimpose several ornaments so as to give relief. Consider adding a pearly pearl and possibly a colored pearl in the center of the flower obtained by the ornaments. Pass the thread several times, for more security. Finally, attach importance to the quality of the ornaments and ribbon, for a more aesthetic result. Additional tip: mount your ornaments on a small pin to place them on the lapel of your jacket for example. You can thus go from a simple ornament to a more original accessory during the evening. Use the advice of Hélène Grassin to make a wedding necklace, brooch or headband. Find the video Wedding jewelry: make a necklace on Produced by Minute Facile.