The 3D printer revolutionizes the world of decoration

The 3D printer revolutionizes the world of decoration

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Build a table, a chair, a sideboard and even a house with a 3D printer ... crazy but yet possible projects thanks to the progress of engineers and designers on the question. After having revolutionized the world of medicine, it is now the decoration that takes advantage of the potential of this extraordinary machine. China has just built no less than ten houses in 24 hours, while Philippe Starck is launching a line of customizable furniture and accessories. Spotlight on a revolution that hasn't stopped surprising us!

10 houses in one day

Ten houses in 24 hours. This is the real feat that the Chinese have just achieved thanks to a giant 3D printer specially designed for the occasion. Recycled building materials (fiber, glass, cement) enabled the printer to build tailor-made and separately each structure in the house using previously prepared diagrams. Today, ten houses of 200m2 each stand proudly in the Qungpu district. Their cost? 4,300 euros.

Make your table or chair

The French designer Philippe Starck also guessed the potential of the 3D printer and joined a group of creators to create TOG, a web platform, dedicated to the creation of customizable furniture and accessories. For the moment, the site allows its users to choose the color or the materials of the furniture they wish to offer ... Chairs, tables and even sofas, you can give free rein to your desires. But TOG does not stop there! Ultimately, the platform will allow everyone to print their own furniture thanks to spaces provided for this purpose.