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Mistakes to avoid with garden paths

Mistakes to avoid with garden paths

To go from point A to point B, you can just be pragmatic and walk. But of course, we appreciate doing it in style! Between safety and style, the garden path highlights. We choose it useful and trendy.

Do not slide

As the name does not indicate, the garden path must be non-slip. Safety is put before the trend. Slipping and breaking something would still be a shame a few days before general vacation departures. In this case, we assure the seller of the quality of the product. Slabs, tiles, wood or gravel ... the majority are treated to withstand bad weather. The garden path lives outside 365 days a year, so it is normal that it is made for the outdoors. Only certain products have a different adhesion from others. We are therefore very careful when we go to the checkout, to have a product that is treated so that we cannot slip on it. Convenient for rainy or snowy days. The floors are classified from A to C for barefoot uses and from R9 to R13 for road use - C being less slip than A and R13 being less slip than R9.

Don't forget the style

Have you created a romantic haven of English decor in the garden, but are thinking of laying large concrete slabs for your driveway? Fault. There are dozens of models to create a garden path at almost all prices. Concrete, tiles or gravel ... there is something for everyone and for all styles. Modern, minimalist, zen or original you will inevitably find what you are looking for to enhance your space. Also think about the width of the aisle: 80cm for one person or 1.20m if you want to be able to walk in pairs. Its size and the materials are all elements to think about for a nice decoration.

Don't get to point B

The very principle of the garden path is to simplify your life. From the pool at home or from the front door to the gate, think simple. It is advisable to visually trace the path you wish to take. A straight line or a slight curve is required. Avoid creating zigzag or excessively complex shapes. After a while, you will realize that people do not pass on your alley but have invented their own paths thus damaging the lawn around the official alley. We then create useful and practical aisles, but we also think of the plural: towards the garage, towards the playground, towards the swimming pool ... We multiply them where the passage is frequent.

Do not abandon the plantations

When you started you thought that planting in the middle of the garden was a good idea to create shade and freshness. Today you realize that this plant interferes more than anything else in your conception of the perfect garden. You have two solutions: bypass or move. You can create a path that goes around your tree, without going far from the defined path or you can uproot it, if possible. If your tree is a decades old oak tree, you will be hard pressed. But if it is a shrub or a small flowerbed, it is quite possible to remove it to better replant it. Find all the mistakes to avoid in your garden.