When cleaning does become decorative!

When cleaning does become decorative!

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Often out of sight, cleaning products are wisely stored in the cupboards or for the lucky ones in a room exclusively dedicated to cleaning, such as the laundry room. However, their almost daily use obliges us to take the 400 steps or to lower ourselves so that with each use, they find their precious hiding place! Know that that time is over! Today, there is a range of household products that combine home maintenance and decoration. Discovery… Created in 1997 by Guillaume Leymonerie, the brand "h2o at home" offers a selection of choice of products to clean the whole house. From the purple microfiber cloth, to the detergent or detergent, but also to the broom and the cleaning kit for pets, you will find everything to polish in every corner. Their careful packaging and trendy colors give pride of place to its products which for years were hidden in the cupboards. The brand wanted at the same time to offer products that guarantee the environment. Made in France, the products are based on essential oils and promise to save 80% of product per year, because the more effective they are, the less product is necessary for deep washing. Clean with respect for the environment while having fun, there is only one step, which you still have to take right now by going to the website: www.h2o-at-home. com


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