What colors to choose for an outdoor wedding?

What colors to choose for an outdoor wedding?

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When choosing an outdoor wedding, decoration is not always easy to consider because you will see your decorative desires reconcile with the surrounding nature. Besides the less classic side of decorating nature rather than a room, the colors must be chosen with care, keeping in mind the chosen environment, more original than a reception room. To help you on the happiest day of your life, here are some tips.

A classic decor with white

The undisputed color of marriage is, of course, white. And if it is common for the reception rooms to be white, this will not be your case unless you opt for a tent. So why not bet on this color to inject the spirit of marriage into your decoration in the great outdoors? Not only does white blend perfectly with the colors of nature, but it will also bring a lot of chic and elegance to the outdoor space. It is thus the ideal color for those who would like to bring a touch of tradition in their decor. Concretely, you can use white tablecloths and white dishes but also bet on decorative accessories such as lanterns, chair covers or even balloons.

A decor in harmony with green

And if you take advantage of being in nature to put green in the spotlight? Original color for a wedding, green will allow you to base your choice of an outdoor wedding by putting nature in the spotlight. You then have several choices regarding the tones. You can opt for a more intense green or on the contrary lighter than the surrounding shade so that the decoration stands out by contrast play. And if you want to reproduce the natural effect as well as possible, you will not hesitate to mix several shades as is the case in vegetation. Be careful not to multiply too many different shades. Preferably play on a shades of colors to keep a beautiful harmony. To achieve your result, again play with the table linen. And to polish the decor, add plants in large pots on the floor and have pretty centerpieces in the colors you choose.

A rural decor with pastel colors

Do you want a princess-style country wedding? You should turn to pastel colors to create, even outside, a sweet and gourmet atmosphere. The good news is that pastel colors go very well with green but note that you will have to count this color in your choice. Also, to avoid marrying too much color, we will stick to only two pastel colors in addition to the green that nature brings in order to keep a trio, which ensures good harmony. You can then choose pink and blue or pink and yellow ... Everything is almost possible. Note that pastel colors are used with subtlety to match their natural softness. We will therefore bet on a few paper lanterns and accessories on the table. And if you want a real touch of cheerfulness, why not bet on pastel furniture? Then mix the two colors to create a beautiful set.


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