Video: successful planting with Alain Darroze

Video: successful planting with Alain Darroze

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Gardening can be a passion but it is not the only factor required to perform miracles during your various plantings. To put the odds on your side, follow the advice of Alain Darroze and take the right actions to give them the best possible conditions for development. Learn how to successfully plant, on video!

Watch the video

Prepare for planting

As part of his demonstration, Alain Darroze chose to plant chard. Swiss chard is an annual herb grown like vegetable plants and eaten as a vegetable. First of all, it is advisable to use other plants that will allow the news to start better. The comfrey leaf and the fern are perfect. We can indeed make manure, dry them, put them in the compost or use them fresh to put them in contact with the roots of young shoots. Their beneficial effects come in particular from the mineral salts they contain. Gather several plants of comforts and ferns and chop them using a simple spade. Then spread the residue in the channel provided to accommodate your plants. Cover them with compost and fold down a little soil on each side of the channel to leave only a furrow. Introduce your young plants in the latter, leaving a little space between each foot. In the case of chard, thirty centimeters are necessary. Once planting is complete, you can water.

Maintain your plantation

It is also advisable to create a plant cover, also called mulch, with nylon, grass, sawdust ... Here, Alain Darroze has obtained cocoa bean peelings. The goal is to create a small provisional and very light blanket while waiting for the small leaves of the chard to become more vigorous. This plant cover offers several advantages: - It repels slugs, - It prevents the development of weeds, - It maintains moisture on the ground, - By decomposing, it releases magnesium and potassium which are very beneficial elements for plant development. Let this plant cover sit for fifteen days and add a second layer. Thus, the chard will have a protection to pass the winter and will be able to grow properly, to the delight of your taste buds when the summer season comes. Thanks to the invaluable advice of Alain Darroze, you now know the essential gestures for a successful plantation. Do not hesitate to use this trick to have a beautiful garden and plants in great shape! Find Réussir une plantation by Alain Darroze on Produced by Minute Facile.