Tollens or colors for more than 2 centuries

Tollens or colors for more than 2 centuries

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For interior decoration, Tollens has put its color know-how at your disposal for many years now. The brand has thus become an expert in painting that can be counted on both in terms of quality and innovation and colors. Back on a flawless course.

A history of more than 2 centuries

The story begins when Johannes Jodocus Tollens opened his store of brushes and paints in 1748. Already, the shop highlights technical know-how and the love of beautiful colors. Thus, for already 265 years, the Tollens brand has been one of the paint brands and does not fail to symbolize quality and technicality as much for the building and decoration professions as for individuals wishing to color their interior. . Throughout its evolution, Tollens has never ceased to offer real innovations such as in 1975 when the brand offered the first decorative effect paint or in 1991 with the launch of the first tinting system intended for professionals with a offers 1200 colors. True revolutions which have not failed to change the world of painting and which have ensured the success of the brand so that in 2009, the brand already opened its 150th Colors de Tollens point of sale. You will find Tollens paint both in large DIY stores and in retail outlets.

Love of color

At Tollens, the quality of the paint is as important as the richness of the colors. Thus, the brand is constantly creating new colors while improving the color matching technology to offer high-quality paints. To offer customers rich and innovative color charts, Tollens combines its technical knowledge with the expertise of style offices that have given collections like Urban Color, Elements or Totem. And because they also understood that the customer needed to be supported in the choice of colors, a site offers to discover trends and collections but also inspirations, advice on harmonies and even a simulator of colors to test his choice. Finally, the brand has also developed small jars (7 euros for 125ml) in order to be able to test its color directly at home.

A brand new very decorative range

The brand is constantly innovating and offering new highly decorative collections. For 2013, Tollens is partnering with Pantone to create a collection of 100 colors achievable in a tinting machine and 40 contemporary colors ready for application (36.90 euros, 1L). We thus find pure and pigmented colors, bright and fresh as well as neutral and fair tones in order to sublimate its interior with color while taking advantage of the ease of application of Tollens paints. So the trendy colors of the Pantone universe like Tangerine Tango or Emerald!