A look back at 60 years of Seb casserole dish

A look back at 60 years of Seb casserole dish

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For 60 years now, the Seb brand has accompanied us in daily cooking thanks to the essential pressure cooker which celebrates its anniversary this year. This is an opportunity to take a step back to follow its evolution from its design to the present day, where it is available in many models including three new to discover this spring.

The 50s and 60s: A legendary journey

60 years ago, in 1953, the Super-Cocotte was born. At the time, it was a real culinary revolution that allowed mothers to cook good food economically and quickly in order to free themselves to conquer the world of work. A few years after its creation, the casserole dish is already accompanied by an essential recipe book that became famous thanks to Françoise Bernard. In 1954, the casserole dish already represented 130,000 pieces sold and it reached 800,000 models in 1965. It was in fact that year that Seb acquired the Cocotte-Minute brand, which gave it the name we know well today.

The 70s and 80s: a matter of design

Not content with being efficient, the Cocotte-Minute combines functionality and design! Thus, in the 70s, the casserole lacquered in red, orange and even appeared with a flower motif. The colored casseroles are also a sales record with almost a million pieces sold. In the 1980s, the casserole dish changed shape with a bayonet system which appealed to countries that were resistant to the concept of the stirrup. The Sensor model was then a success in Europe but also in Asia.

The 90s and 2000s: A new revolution

The 90s saw the birth of a great evolution in the universe of the casserole dish! In 1994, the Clipso model got rid of the sound of the whistle to offer the comfort of silence in kitchens. This new pressure cooker is unique because it offers an automatic press opening system and a silent valve. Everything opens with a single click! And in the 2000s, Clipso evolved into Clipso Control in order to control even better the cooking time thanks to an intelligent timer which starts automatically when the steam escapes. And to accompany the technological advances of the casserole dish, the famous recipe book is also enriched with an application for SmartPhone. Suffice to say that the casserole Seb knows how to live with the times!

2013: New models

To celebrate its anniversary, Seb unveils three new models. The Clipso + casserole dish thus offers a new one-hand opening system that requires three times less force than the other models. Simply lift the handle to unlock the cover or lower it to lock it. All with an excellent grip. On the technical side, it offers several cooking methods (in water, simmered, browned or steamed) and two cooking speeds (vegetables or meat and fish). You will also find Clipso + Gourmet which can be switched from a pressure cooker function in a jiffy thanks to a second cover, its stainless steel handles and its smaller size. Finally, Nutricook Delice will be the ally of healthy cuisine that allows you to make pressure cooker desserts with three new sweet nutrition programs for fruits, flans and cakes. What control your nutrition while having fun!