We take inspiration from hotel bathrooms

We take inspiration from hotel bathrooms

At the hotel, it's not just the rooms that count for your pleasure because the bathroom is often a true ode to well-being, luxury, calm and pleasure. So at home, we do not hesitate to take inspiration from palaces to create a bathroom that invites relaxation.

A bathroom with a living room

When the size of your bathroom allows, add a nice comfortable chair in your bathroom. Hotels often provide a small sitting area in the bathroom to relax but also to make it more convenient to undress or even do without cream. This little tip will add a chic and comfortable touch to your bathroom.

Chic bathroom linen

The real luxury of hotel rooms is to always have fluffy towels when you get out of the bath. So to reproduce this comfort at home, we do not hesitate to buy beautiful towels which we will take care to keep them soft. The must ? A towel dryer which will offer you a hot towel to dry you in a very pleasant way. Small slippers so as not to be barefoot in the bathroom will also be a plus.

A spa spirit

Finally, do not hesitate to use technologies worthy of the best spa to help you relax after a day of work. For this, we play with light therapy and we offer a faucet or sink diffusing light, we add massaging jets to our traditional shower and we choose a subtle scent of essential oils to intoxicate our room and get clean well.