What sweeping equipment do I need?

What sweeping equipment do I need?

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Answer: a chimney sweep to the dimensions of the duct, a cane the height of the duct, cleaning tools, a tarpaulin and a ladder if necessary.

The annual maintenance of your chimney flue by an approved company is compulsory, and gives rise to a sweeping certificate (to be kept preciously). However, if you have used the chimney extensively during the bad season, perhaps you think you should sweep it a second time in the year? Would you like to save the cost of an external intervention, and do the sweeping yourself? In this case, here is what you will need: a chimney sweep corresponding to the dimensions of your duct, and a cane long enough to cover the entire height of the duct. These are the two specific elements, but you will also need cleaning tools (shovel, sponge, vacuum cleaner) and a tarpaulin for soot, as well as a ladder if you want to sweep from above. In DIY stores, you will easily find chimney sweeping kits with all the essentials. You too, send us your brico question