A little humor in the toilet

A little humor in the toilet

What if the toilet is that little room where you can have fun? We allow ourselves a touch of humor that will put a little good humor in the house and will not fail to make your guests smile. But beware, between humor and bad taste, there is only one step that we help you not to take!

Quirky objects

To add a touch of humor to your toilets, you will be spoiled for choice because there are many brands offering unusual objects to integrate into your room. Among the most original objects, the toilet brush gets a very quirky beauty. You will find, for example, brushes in the form of capsules, revolvers, plants or even baroque vases.

Humorous messages

To make a humorous wink, the playful messages always have their small effect! Be careful not to fall into bad taste by absolutely avoiding jokes about the little corner. Prefer for example a flap with the VIP room registration. And for an original touch, why not install a chalkboard to write messages that you can change as many times as you want.

The kitsch touch

If you want to play on derision, you can treat yourself to a kitsch item that you will proudly brandish in your toilet. But beware, it is not so easy to handle. So play the sobriety card for the rest of the decoration so that we understand that it is a humorous wink and not a real kitsch decor. The flagship object: a transparent flap that contains shells.