How to insulate a water heating floor?

How to insulate a water heating floor?

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Answer: with peripheral strips of polymer or natural materials, as well as flat or thermoformed plates.

A water heating floor must first be insulated around its perimeter by peripheral strips of polymer or natural materials at least 5 mm thick. If the walls are plastered, it will suffice to staple the peripheral strips. For concrete or brick walls, self-adhesive tapes are commercially available. Once the insulation of the walls is complete, go to the floor. It requires flat or thermoformed plates: many materials are possible but they are often polystyrene, polyurethane or mineral wool. For the installation to be in order, do not forget to choose plates certified ACERMI. The plates are placed on the load-bearing floor starting from a corner of the room. If cuts are necessary, allow a few more millimeters to force fit them. Finally, seal the assembly by covering the junctions with a sealing adhesive. You too, send us your brico question