Feminize the bathroom at a low price

Feminize the bathroom at a low price

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Want to give a touch of glamor to your slightly cold bathroom? We suggest that you feminize your bathroom to make it a true temple of beauty and well-being without breaking the bank. Follow the guide !

We revamp the furniture

To give a new atmosphere to your bathroom without spending too much, you can start by restyling your furniture. Remember to paint them, accessorize them with a sticker or simply change the handles for female models. Note however that you will find pretty models for less than 100 euros and that you will be able to find a washbasin to ask while roundness and femininity for 60 euros.

We offer ourselves a mirror worthy of the name

What would the feminine bathroom be without a large mirror that will allow you to prepare? We then offer a nice size model if possible backlit but you can also add spots on the side to offer you a mirror like cinema star. For an additional feminine touch, prefer a round model.

We put on accessories

Finally, to feminize the bathroom, play with accessories! Opt for a soap dish with round and elegant lines, treat yourself to a fluffy bath mat and have glass jars on a shelf to accommodate cotton and makeup. On the color side, do not hesitate to bring in feminine touches with pink or purple accessories that will blend perfectly with natural colors like beige or gray. And voila !