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A nice mobile to wake up baby

A nice mobile to wake up baby

To amuse baby and wake him up, we usually install a mobile above the bed. Playful, it also helps your little one fall asleep thanks to musical functions. But how to choose the furniture for your baby? Here are our tips.

Baby's awakening

First of all, you should know that in the first months of your baby's life, his field of vision is not yet mature. Also, the choice of decoration for the baby's room must take into account the evolution of your baby's abilities. For example, know that in the first months, your baby can only see the color contrasts. From 2 months, he will distinguish colors but his field of vision remains reduced and from 4 months, he is mainly interested in movements.

Choose baby mobile

To choose the mobile of your baby, take into account his age. In all cases, the mobile must be placed above the bed and close to the baby so that the latter can distinguish it. In the first months, you will take care to choose a highly contrasting furniture so that it can distinguish it as soon as possible and that it will keep it once its vision of colors is developed. Then from 4 months, you can choose a mobile that has a movement because it is what will interest your baby the most. Finally, note that you should not choose a disproportionately large mobile because it could scare him. Prefer delicate things, small sizes and light. You can opt for larger plushes and decorations later.