Video: create an ephemeral Christmas tree with shoe boxes

Video: create an ephemeral Christmas tree with shoe boxes

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Creative trees created from scratch from recycled objects and inventive ideas, this is the solution to trees losing their thorns, sometimes too expensive and almost identical from one house to another. shows you how to make a snow-white tree made up of shoe boxes, themselves numbered from 1 to 24, evoking the Advent calendar…

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video id = "0" / Level: easy Completion time : 40 minutes Indicative cost: 10 € Necessary material : around 20 shoe boxes recovered with white paint


- Paint the shoe boxes in white - Leave to dry for 2 hours and place 3 boxes on the floor - Stack the boxes 3 by 3 in staggered rows to mimic the conical shape of the tree - Write numbers on the boxes from 1 to 24 as a calendar of the 'Advent The decor idea: decline the white color of the tree in that of your choice, golden, silver, green or multicolored! Creation: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi