Video: how to make an original door hanger for Christmas?

Video: how to make an original door hanger for Christmas?

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For the end of year celebrations, highlight your decoration by creating it yourself! From the tree to the table, passing through the front door, follow the advice of Véronique Pulby - alias Chipie la Galette -, a Lyon designer passionate about creative leisure. Through some short videos, she gives you her tips for creating original decorative objects, which do not require either being an expert or putting your hand in your pocket! Today, Véronique explains how to make an original door hanger for Christmas with a simple hanger and scraps of fabric. A way to decorate your door in an original way!

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What you need for a door hanger

- A pressing hanger - Narrow ribbon - News scraps: 739845 fabric - Tape and a stapler - Rigid cardboard - Bells - Small self-adhesive subjects - Mini clothespins

What to do

Surround the entire ribbon hanger starting at the top and securing the end of the ribbon with a piece of tape. Draw on cardboard the shape of a sock. This will serve as a template for the future. Reproduce the shape on the news: 739845 fabric. Cut each sock twice. Cut a contrasting strip of 5 to 8 cm to make the reverse. With a sewing machine, sew right side up the sock and turn it over. Then sew the ends of the cuff and stitch at the top of the sock. Fold the cuff in half and iron it. You can then decorate your socks. Sew a bell and glue a decorative subject. Pin each sock with a mini colored clothespin. Plant a nail in the door and hang your creation. Find out more! Discover the creations of Chipie la Galette in her A Little Market boutique Enter the world of Chipie la Galette with her interview!