Jia shakes up the codes of "Made in China"

Jia shakes up the codes of "Made in China"

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Specializing in tableware, the Chinese company Jia relies on centuries of know-how, traditional materials and a very contemporary interpretation resulting from the collaboration with many international designers. From the kitchens of individuals to the tables of the most prestigious starred hotels, Jia signs simple and refined table decoration based on a very diverse cultural heritage. A real link between the 5 continents, Jia tableware celebrates fusion design as the inventive kitchen of the same name. From New York to Hong Kong via Paris, relive the incredible saga of an iconic and timeless brand.

Art and matter

In Chinese, JIA means home. Inspired by a century-old Asian style, the Jia brand cultivates the table as a way of life much more than a static and coded universe. To take again the bases of the Chinese traditional ceramics by adapting them to the modern life, such is the objective of the mark created in 2007 by the Chinese entrepreneur Christopher Lin. The latter, immersed in the world of tableware for over 20 years, already had more than one string to his bow by embarking on the Jia adventure! After a visit to the essential Maison & Objet trade fair in 2008, the brand quickly took off. Selected for the permanent collection of the famous London museum "Victoria & Albert Museum", it is also presented in prestigious Parisian points of sale (Merci, Le Bon Marché, Sentou ...) before decorating the tables of Alain Ducasse restaurant and by Pierre Gagnaire, as well as those of the Shangri La hotel in Paris. By presenting a brand different from the others due to his inventive spirit and his cultural heritage, Christopher Lin showed epicureans around the world a new facet of China. The country has always given a prominent place to the culinary art as to ceramics and Jia is the worthy heir!

Clean lines

What do all the collections in the Jia catalog have in common? An almost monastic design but always neat. With the steam cooker and the wok as stars, the Chinese house has proven that accessories of everyday life can be reviewed and corrected without losing their qualities or their functionality. The Jia catalog contains other pretty editions such as the Hulu collection - the dishes and table accessories sport a form of cucurbit symbolizing Ying and Yang - or the Pure Mandarin series whose bases are inspired by the governor's hat Chinese. The selected materials reflect Asian refinement and are chosen with care: double-wall blown glass, fine porcelain, bamboo ... Each object tells a story and allows you to add an exotic note to the table, to waltz the flavors and bring them into focus. value… like a great chef!