What is the adhesive mortar for?

What is the adhesive mortar for?

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What does the mortar stick to?

The adhesive mortar is a special adhesive made up of hydraulic binders. It is used in the construction industry and is used, as its name suggests, to bond coatings such as:

  • The tiling,
  • The paving,
  • Ceramics,
  • Facing stones,
  • Masonry blocks.

On the other hand, it does not work on certain supports such as plastic, wood or even metals. If there are multi-substrate adhesive mortars (which can therefore be used to bond ceramic as well as tiles), it is also possible to find specific adhesive mortars for a type of coating, such as tile adhesive mortar for example.
The adhesive mortar can be applied to both walls and floors, both inside and outside a home.

The different types of adhesive mortar

In reality, there are different types of adhesive mortar in order to adapt to all types of work:

  • Cement-based adhesive mortar, sometimes called cement adhesive;
  • The mortar sticks with dispersion glues;
  • The mortar sticks with resin glues.

In general, adhesive mortar is a product that you can buy commercially in a jar, so already ready to use, or in the form of powder sold in bags of 1, 5 or 25 kg.

Whatever the form in which you buy your adhesive mortar, must appear on the jar or the bag of powder: the class of the product, its performance (1 or 2, respectively normal or high performance), its additional and optional properties (such as for example its flexibility, its setting time, etc.).

For each use its mortar sticks!

The adhesive mortar is therefore a adhesive mortar used for bonding coatings, both on interior and exterior walls and floors. So there are interior adhesive mortars, exterior adhesive mortars, interior and exterior adhesive mortars, floor adhesive mortars and wall adhesive mortars! Of course, the choosing your adhesive mortar is done according to the nature of your work, knowing that:

  • An exterior adhesive mortar can also be used to bond an interior coating, but the reverse is not true (the interior adhesive mortar should never be used outdoors).
  • If the floor adhesive mortar can be used to paste a coating on a wall, the reverse cannot work, unless it is indicated "floor and wall" on the label.

How (well) to use the adhesive mortar?

If you have opted for a powdered adhesive product, know that to obtain the actual adhesive mortar, it will be necessary to mix the powder with water. To obtain a nice smooth and very homogeneous paste, you will therefore have to spoil the adhesive mortar (obviously following the instructions for use to the letter so that the product is well adhesive and allows the desired coating to be effectively bonded) using '' a mechanical mixer.
Then apply a layer of approximately 5 mm thick adhesive mortar on the desired support (wall or floor) using a trowel or a serrated spatula, then place the chosen coating.

If the dimensions of your coating are large (large slabs), you can completely apply a double glue, and apply adhesive mortar on your support and on your coating.