Unusual: a special hook for helmet

Unusual: a special hook for helmet

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Wondering what this weird shape on your wall can be? Well know that this is the new accessory for all users of two wheels to store their helmet! Explanations.

The coat hooks are extraordinary!

Mainly dedicated to the entry, the coat hooks are real allies of the storage especially during the winter period where the coats must find a place in our interiors. Classic coat hooks are thus nothing more or less than objects to be fixed in the wall that will allow us to hang our clothes when we get home. There are classic models but also others very design and original in the shape of screws, animals or funny people.

The new generation coat hook

Wearing the coats was no longer enough for the coat hooks and now some are given new functions. At MyYour, the peg takes a bean shape in a much larger size than usual (16cmx27cmx35cm) and allows you to hang your coat with a small hook but above all and this is the big news: remove your motorcycle, scooter or bicycle helmet. The hook replaces your head and it only remains to put the helmet on it until your next outing. Note however that if you do not have two wheels, the coat hook also works for hats! And as that was still not enough for the Crazy Head coat hook, it also serves as a storage compartment! Count 74 euros for this hook three in one.


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