A thermos mug for tea lovers

A thermos mug for tea lovers

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As I repeat (approximately) in each article relating directly or indirectly to tea, I do not like this drink. However, I have tried various perfumes but to date, nothing helps, I always have the unpleasant impression of swallowing hot water. However, I remain united with tea lovers because I actually find that they are treated very poorly compared to coffee addicts like me. For example, coffee drinkers have (roughly) a billion choices for finding a thermos mug, but when you only like tea? I of course want to talk about real tea, with leaves in it and not the small muslin sachets (the tea drinker is very fond of this). So I'm going to make these people happy (at least I hope so) by presenting them with the Aladdin thermos mug specially created for tea lovers since it incorporates a tea ball under its lid that is brought down thanks to a little lever.

Pull the ankle and the tea will come!

It only takes a small spin of the mill for the tea ball to be immersed and releases all of its scents. In addition, this thermos mug has a double wall to keep your drink warm longer but also not to burn your hands. Finally, this Aladdin mug contains no bisphenol A which makes it perfectly healthy. Its capacity is 0.35 l and it costs only 20 €. Still little known in France, the American brand Aladdin is renowned for taking ecological and practical products out of its cartridge pouch dedicated to nomadic cuisine. We already talked about it on the blog about the news: 754463 "lunch box!" See all Aladdin mugs