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Sofa: mistakes to avoid!

Sofa: mistakes to avoid!

Choosing a sofa is an important step because it is the centerpiece of the living room that will often welcome family life, whether for moments with friends or moments of relaxation in front of the television or a book. Also, here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing and installing your sofa.

Remember to think about the location

Before choosing and buying your sofa, you must think in advance about the location it will occupy. But beware, the choice of place is important because it is often the sofa that determines the layout of the living room. Also, make sure that the television is perfectly visible from the sofa. Take into account windows and other openings as this should not obstruct traffic. Finally, if your living room is open to the dining room, think about finding harmony with it. If you want to separate the two spaces, you can for example place a sofa which will delimit the two parts of the room but it will then require a sofa as aesthetic from the front as from the back!

Don't neglect the dimensions

The dimensions of your future sofa are crucial! Imagine that once at home, it is too large or on the contrary too small for your room or that not everyone can settle in. To remedy these inconveniences, it is enough to study the dimensions of your future sofa well. Start by evaluating with a meter the dimensions you would like it to take in the room. Make a preselection in the catalogs to find a model that would match your dimensions and check the number of places it offers according to your size requirements. Note that generally, it takes 220 cm long for a three-seat sofa and 170 cm long for a two-seat sofa.

Don't buy without trying

Buying a sofa without trying it is a risky business because the comfort of the latter may not suit you. Indeed, it is only when you are seated on your sofa that you will realize its softness but also the depth of its seat, the height of the armrests and the back depending on how you sit and your morphology. Do not hesitate to spend several minutes in store to find out about the holding of the cushions. Remember to simulate the positions you take when you watch TV for example. If you feel at home, then start buying!

Don't take delivery lightly

You are there, you go to the store to buy your new sofa. But beware, you are not at the end of the road! Indeed, be aware that many stores do not have sofas in stock and delivery times can reach 12 to 14 weeks. Also, remember to take this delay into account if you order a sofa for a move for example. Then, if the latter is in stock, explore all the proposals for delivery. If you have a suitable vehicle, this is perfect. If not, you can rent a van or have it delivered by the store. Please note, some delivery methods correspond to a deposit of the product at the foot of your building. Finally, also consider that your sofa may not pass through the front door and that it will sometimes require a crane to bring it in through the window. Consider this delivery method from the start with your seller to avoid unpleasant surprises. Design ideas, photos and advice around the sofa: How to choose your sofa, choice of cushions and how to maintain your sofa in fabric or leather.