What are the different types of dressing?

What are the different types of dressing?

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<< Quels types de dressing existe-t-il ? >>

Answer: the wardrobe, the kit wardrobe and the custom wardrobe.

On the market, there are different types of dressing depending on the space you have and your budget. Also, we will first find the traditional wardrobe with, most of the time, sliding doors. It is the basic model which allows you to store your clothes as well as your shoes, and which can extend over a whole section of wall. This wardrobe closet has the advantage of integrating into any environment and does not require any DIY work. Dressing cabinets are offered by many manufacturers and in all styles, so you are sure to be able to find the wardrobe that suits your taste. Equipped with sliding doors, the wardrobe is a discreet solution that is perfectly suited for a bedroom or even a passageway like the corridor. By choosing it with a mirror door, we also avoid the overly bulky side.
Dressing kits are particularly suitable when you want to invest a space defined in advance. We are talking about a kit wardrobe for modular storage that can be added and fitted as desired. Halfway between the wardrobe and the custom wardrobe, the wardrobe requires some DIY skills and space planning. Its primary advantage is its price, but it is still less flexible than the made-to-measure wardrobe. Custom made dressing is the most expensive solution among dressing rooms, but it is also the most qualitative. We can obviously choose to call on custom dressing specialists and in this case the manufacturing cost will be high. The other solution for most DIYers is to make your own wardrobe. In this case the operation is much cheaper but if you want a quality wardrobe, you will have to invest in time.