Thomson sees small (household appliances)

Thomson sees small (household appliances)

After a disappearance of more than a month, an explicable but voluntarily unexplained disappearance, here I am back with you and I hope to stay there for a while. If I have taken a step back in recent weeks, my inbox has continued to function well and has grown, grown, grown so much that I think I stocked up on items until the end of the year. 'year. We will start slowly, story that I am getting used to, a bit like a former tennis player who has a creaky elbow. For this fall 2012, I will start with a birth announcement since the Thomson brand previously only focused on large appliances announces that it will also be present in France in small appliances from this fall. Four devices have already been presented and will soon be available in supermarkets. For the moment, we can not say much about these new products but visually we still notice that the brand highlights a rather austere look which suggests that the only important concept is the quality of the product. In terms of prices, this small appliance is in the mid-range with, for example, a pastry robot offered at 199 €. It remains to be seen whether these visually not very fun products are indeed good value for money.

The vitroceramic plancha

I admit that the plancha is not the device on which we are going to invest in this return (I bet rather on the squeegee). I also wonder what the manufacturers today understand by plancha seen that one finds some with any type of energy and matter. Basically, the plancha would have derived from the cooking method directly on a plate without adding fat. At Thomson, the plancha is therefore made of glass ceramic. According to the brand, its strong point is a rapid rise in temperature up to 230 ° C. Available today in supermarkets, its price is 149 €.

The Geni Mix Heated Blender

This time, the device is in season since it is a heated blender, a product that has been talked about for almost two years. With a capacity of 1.75 l and having three temperature choices, this blender called Geni Mix is ​​located in the mid-range of heated blenders with a price of € 129, which is still € 100 less than Soup & Co. It will be available from October.

The multifunctional robot

This compact multifunction robot is equipped with a citrus press, an emulsifier, a kneader, three stainless steel blades as well as a blender with a capacity of 1.8 l. The price is reasonable since this robot is offered at € 69.90.

The Crea Chef baking robot

The Crea Chef is a rather discreet baking robot by its looks and which seems to do nothing more or less than the other baking robots currently on the market. It is equipped with a 5 l bowl, a splashproof cover, a kneader, a mixer and a whisk. It can also be improved with accessories such as a pasta line, a chopper or a sausage adapter. Its price is € 199, always a mid-range price. Find a large selection of planchas on our price comparison: cooking equipment at the best price on!