What reasons to choose for the children's room?

What reasons to choose for the children's room?

The question (almost) does not arise: a child's room needs patterns! If you can hesitate in the other rooms of the house, the child's room is, on the other hand, the ideal place to give heart to heart in terms of patterns and prints. Only one question remains: on what grounds are you going to fall for your child's bedroom?

Where to place the patterns?

The decor for children is full of patterns and you are spoiled for choice between furniture, wallpaper, light fixtures and bed linen. The aim will rather be to create a harmonious environment by avoiding patterns that do not agree with each other. With age, your children's taste will assert themselves and they will not necessarily agree with yours. Then plan for decorative elements that can easily be replaced: for example stickers that will be easily peelable on walls in rather neutral tones or bed linen and curtains that you can easily replace. Finally, keep in mind that a child's bedroom, if it often serves as a play area, is above all a space for rest and that the child needs calm to fall asleep. So avoid the overload of patterns which, after dark, can be disruptive to your child's sleep.

The choice of patterns

If your child is old enough to choose his own patterns, discuss them with him to agree on a theme. If his requests may seem exaggerated to you (for example a room entirely decorated with his favorite hero), try to compromise so that this motif merges with other more subtle elements. For example, if your daughter wants a princess bedroom, choose patterns that symbolize this universe, such as sticker crowns, flowery pink bed linen and heart-shaped storage. So the bedroom will delight parents and children!