What decoration for a dining room / kitchen that lacks light?

What decoration for a dining room / kitchen that lacks light?

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Davina's question


Answer: light colors on the walls and good lighting

Hello Davina, you want to redo your kitchen and dining room knowing that you don't have much light. For this, I advise you to favor light and neutral colors for the walls so as not to darken the rooms or shrink them. For the kitchen, choose a colorful splashback in Moroccan zelliges or in matt ceramic tiles, brightly colored to wake up the atmosphere. Your work plan can be made of light wood and your furniture lacquered white or light beige. Light is also very important: think of a false ceiling with halogen bulbs for optimal lighting. Decorate your dining room very soberly with a rather rectangular table, a lacquered chest or in raw wood to put a contemporary lamp and one or two frames. Above your table, hang a contemporary pendant lamp with a glass shade for example to play on transparency. You too, send us your decoration question