Couture video: make an invisible zipper

Couture video: make an invisible zipper

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Have you made a skirt and want to bring it an elegant and discreet closure? Jeanne Kolifrat, creator and trainer at Piquécoud, explains how to sew an invisible zipper.

Watch the video :

Sew the zipper

To sew an invisible zipper, you must first open the zipper to its maximum. Then position one of the sides of the closure on the work, placing the side with the zipper on the actu: 739845 fabric and using the position of the frame that you have sewn beforehand. Pin the zipper to secure it. Match the stop chosen for the zipper with the point previously marked on the book. The length of the item must be 2 mm longer than the zipper, to prevent the zipper from buckling when sewn. When you have finished fixing, go to the sewing machine by performing an actu: 737341 stopping point and using the dancing foot, a special foot for zipper. Stop at the desired closing length. Do the same for the other side of the zipper, leaving the zipper open and sewing from the bottom.

The finishes of the invisible zipper

When you have sewn the zipper, join the two remaining hems on the work, under the excess of the zipper. Sew so as to hide the bottom of the zipper, for an almost invisible result. With the advice of Jeanne Kolifrat, easily install an invisible zipper. Watch the Couture video: sew invisible zipper on Produced by Minute Facile.