Patterned tiles energize the decor

Patterned tiles energize the decor

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Bring whimsy to your decor with patterned or material effect tiles. They are essential to create a rhythmic atmosphere because they bring dynamism to your interior. Patterned tiling is a favorite in any room. It is available in a trendy color palette. And to meet your most unbridled desires, it goes in all its forms: retro black and white, lace effect or floral for a romantic atmosphere or even cubic for an art deco style.

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Patterned tiles for a personalized decor

The days when patterned tiles were a bit kitschy are totally out of date. Today, it is ultra trendy and the creators show genius to satisfy all our desires. For a refined interior, the light tiling with contrasting cabochons works wonders in a living room. Ideal for an interior with oriental accents, the tiling is adorned with geometric designs like the zellige specific to the Moroccan style. Mosaic-like, it brings a precious touch to a bathroom or kitchen.

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Make your bedroom a soothing place with tiled patterns inspired by Asia, in shades of blue and white. True works of art, some of them are hand painted. To bring a touch of poetry to your bedroom or the bathroom of your master suite, tiles with flower or pearl patterns have what you need to melt. Choose a shade of pink, blue or purple for absolute relaxation.

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Patterned tiles for a children's area

In the children's room and the bathroom reserved for little ones, the patterned tiles become playful. Again, it is perfectly suited to the floor or walls. For a feminine touch, poppies, little hearts, stars and teddy bears are popular. Spirals, planes, cars and hot air balloons are among the patterns for tiling that appeal to little boys.

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As for the tiled friezes, they are slanged with animal motifs or with the image of the heroes of our cherubim. Special children's tiles brighten up bath time: tall grass, multicolored bubbles, butterflies, jungle animals, etc. The patterns, funny and tender, are adorned with sumptuous colors. Ideal in a teenage bedroom, the patterned tiles where the decals are laid freehand: great Italian art with a spectacular effect. There is no limit to the original Ceramica Bardelli creations.

Tiles and material effect

For a no less original effect, you can prefer tiling with tone-on-tone patterns to splendid material effects. It can give the perfect illusion of oak parquet wood, origami, leather, stone or vinyl fabric, marble, metal or waxed concrete. So there is something for all tastes and all atmospheres. Choose your favorite style: rustic, cozy, contemporary, design or industrial.

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Repainting old relief tiles

Let your creativity run free! If you decide to repaint your relief tiles, dare to use your imagination and create beautiful color harmonies to enhance the patterns. Be careful, however, to reserve this type of renovation for a tiled original mat, the paint for tiles will fix much better than on a shiny support. Allow at least 48 hours of drying time before walking on your new tile.

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