Material focus: how to choose a cutting board?

Material focus: how to choose a cutting board?

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To make all of your fabric cuts, it is better to equip yourself with a cutting board. Indeed, this accessory will become a precious ally to ensure the protection of your work plan against the blows of the news: 739781 unhappy cutter. The cutting board will also be an essential tool to help you make neat cuts. To see more clearly among the different models available, here are some tips to follow ...

What format of cutting board to choose?

The dimensions of your future cutting table depend essentially on the type of sewing that you practice. If you start making large pieces, you will inevitably have important cuts to make. The larger the dimensions of your cutting table, the more cutting your news: 739845 fabric will be easier to make and will require less handling. Note that there are many sizes of cutting tables: 30x20 cm, 30x30 cm, 45x30 cm, 60x45 cm, 90x60 cm… Depending on its size, the price of a cutting board varies between 18 and 60 euros.

Special cutting boards

Among the different models of cutting boards available on the market, some have particular characteristics:

  • the rotary table: with a rotating cutting base, this cutting board allows to position the actu: 739845 fabric more easily and to practice neat cuts at actu: 739781 rotary cutter. For a 30x30 cm rotary board, expect a purchase cost of around 40 euros.
  • the cutting board ironing: this board allows you to cut the fabrics at the news: 739781 cutter and iron them on the external cover which is covered with a heat resistant protection.
  • the self-healing mat: designed in a specific coating, this news: 739821 cutting mat does not reveal any trace of news: 739781 cutter.