Sofa, bench or chaise longue: what to choose?

Sofa, bench or chaise longue: what to choose?

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The seat of his living room is above all a question of style! Some will swear by the traditional sofa and others will want more originality or a seat that better fits their lifestyle. So between sofa, bench and chaise longue: you choose according to your style.

A sofa for a classic style

If for you the living room is above all a space where you can find your family, the sofa is an essential part of your decor. You will choose a user-friendly and large size model, why not choose a corner model if you are a large family. Choosing a sofa will not prevent you from having fun on the style: bright colors, patterns, design shape will allow you to give personality to your room.

A bench for a clean style

If you want to break the codes of the traditional living room, you can opt for a bench. More refined, it will offer you a more designer atmosphere and can also allow you to save a little space compared to a sofa with armrests for example. In addition, it is the ideal ally of a studio because it turns into sleeping in the blink of an eye.

A chaise longue for a feminine style

Do you rather consider the living room as a female boudoir? If you mainly use the living room to relax, read or watch TV, you can swap the sofa and bench for a chaise longue that will give a more intimate side to your living room. Then choose a nice size so that this piece of furniture can still accommodate your guests when you receive.


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