Remember to keep track of your valuables

Remember to keep track of your valuables

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Our security expert Verisure explains why, and shows you how to take good pictures of your property.

Why photograph your valuables?

Many art objects or objects of certain heritage interest are the targets of theft and fuel significant traffic. This is why following a burglary, stolen valuables can quickly be dispersed over the national territory, or even exceed the borders of France. By taking a picture of your stolen property, you allow the Central Office to Combat Trafficking in Cultural Property (OCBC) to identify these objects quickly and precisely. This makes it easier for the traffickers to be found and you can find your valuables more easily.

How to photograph your valuables?

Some precautions are necessary in order to take photos usable by the authorities. Opt for digital technology, which is faster and easier to use. Accompany each photo with a precise description of the object: indicate for example the period, dimensions, weight, possible serial number, etc. Make a copy of these documents on a mobile computer support, such as a CD -Rom, to better keep track of it and facilitate your procedures. Finally, be sure to place these pictures securely, to avoid having them stolen too.