Sewing video: combining patchwork and embroidery

Sewing video: combining patchwork and embroidery

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You do not dare to embroider, for fear of making a confection that is out of fashion? Do you have many scraps of beautiful fabrics at home that you don't know what to do with? Carole Maxwell, manager of the Séquoia Patchwork boutique, shows you how to easily combine patchwork and embroidery for an original and fashionable result.

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Create a patchwork wall panel

To use your fabrics, do not hesitate to combine an inverted applique with naive embroidery to create a patchwork wall panel. You can also combine embroidery, felt and collage in bright colors to create a cheerful patchwork representing the round of time.

Dress up your sewing kit

The creation of a patchwork is very useful to cover a sewing cover in an original way. Embroider the kit on both sides with ribbon, with the silk chenille and with different pearls of several colors. Add a pompom for a touch of whimsy.

Make other items

To make a patchwork by associating embroidery, you can also embroider a news item: 739845 fabric with silk threads. You can also combine Japanese fabrics and embroider eyelets using a ribbon technique that gives relief to your work. All these methods allow you to make bags, covers or even glasses cases. Carole Maxwell's advice will be very useful for you to combine patchwork and embroidery in a harmonious way. Watch the Couture video: combining patchwork and embroidery on Produced by Minute Facile.