Boost your interior with graphic patterns

Boost your interior with graphic patterns

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If you haven't succumbed to the graphic pattern trend yet, it's time to fix it. In fluorescent version if you need to give a real dose of pep to a room or in pastel colors if you want to energize with a little sweetness, it's up to you.

Geometric patterns that set the scene

Triangles, arrows, circles, semicircles, diamonds, geometric patterns create the decor throughout the house. In pastel or neon tones, they energize the parquet floor with carpets, the bedroom with bed linen, the walls with wallpaper. In short, you understood, they invite themselves from floor to ceiling for our greatest pleasure because we love them! Ferm Living is surfing the trend by offering pretty pastel cushions that we would like to place everywhere, and wallpaper that energizes the entrance or the children's room. At Urban Outfitters, it is rather the fluorescent triangles that

Photo credits: Ferm Living

They invite themselves into all the rooms

The advantage of graphic patterns is that we can install them wherever we want. If we particularly like wallpaper triangles in an entry or in the living room, we also like them on the household linen. In a Scandinavian living room, we dare a carpet with a neon chevron pattern that will enhance the decor. As you can see, geometric patterns are a matter of taste and desire.

Photo credits: Urban Outfitters


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