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3 small prizes to showcase your books

3 small prizes to showcase your books

We always have a lot of books, but we don't always know what to do with them after reading. So to make your books decorative objects, we found three tips at low prices to enhance your books.

An invisible shelf

What if you only had to display your books, and only your books, to make them decorative? But for that, you need a shelf that becomes invisible. The solution ? The Umbra shelf (15 euros) is a metal piece that attaches to the wall and allows you to slide the covers of the book into a notch so that it seems fixed as if by magic. Then, we stack the rest of the books on the first for a mind-blowing optical effect.

An original shelf

Conversely, a beautiful well visible shelf will also be a decorative asset to enhance your books. The shelves with invisible fixings will offer you a nice colored or not tray that highlights your works for ten euros. If you want to display more books, some large shelves cost less than 50 euros. In the latter case, it will be the accumulation of many books that will be decorative!

Decorative bookends

Finally, to display a few books on a piece of furniture and enhance them, it is strongly advised to opt for bookends as this will allow them to stay upright. There are models at all prices but be aware that it generally takes around twenty euros for the pair. It's up to you to choose an original model that matches your decor: funny guys in a pop interior, letters of the alphabet in a graphic decor or simple metal block for the most designer interiors. Our practical decoration recovery videos